About Us

Why register your child with Brasil Soccer Canada (BSC)?


Learn the skills and strategies that produce the world’s best players.

Brasilian players are well known for their ball skills and individual flair. These skills are learned on the streets and playgrounds throughout this South American country of just under 200 million people. Almost every child yearns to become a professional soccer player. For many kids, professional soccer is seen as a way out of poverty. As such, competition is keen as young players vie for a tryout for soccer academies throughout the world.

Here in Canada, many kids play soccer for enjoyment and comradery. Being fit and healthy are by-products of playing soccer. A child’s enjoyment is often tied to their skill level and support from parents, coaches, and teammates. YES … Fun is the key!

At Brasil Soccer Canada (BSC), we focus on giving our participants every opportunity to improve their ball-handling skills. But it’s not just ball skills that make Brasilian players stand out from the crowd.  Rhythm and coordination take them to the next level. At BSC Academy, we integrate rhythm and coordination into all of our skills.

Soccer is as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. To that end, we use the Socratic method of teaching. Yes, we ask kids questions and encourage them to come up with a reason why they chose a particular action.  For example, why did you decide to dribble instead of making a pass? And if they eventually realize that they can dribble to attract opponents toward the ball therefore making extra space for their teammates, then we have provided the platform where the child is able to make their own decisions instead of looking to us as coaches to make the decision for them.

Boosting a child's self-confidence will enhance not only their soccer game, but the way they approach life as well.